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9th Annual Superintendent's Speaking Competition - April 28, 2021

Thanks to teachers and students in grades 4-6 who once again took part in the superintendent's public speaking contest. It began with a lot of instruction on speech writing and learning how to convey one's ideas using persuasive words and strong voice. The topics to choose from this year were: 

1.  What do you enjoy about your favourite sport, pastime or hobby? 

2.  How has the pandemic changed what you do?

Each room held a speech day and determined who would represent their class for our school wide contest. The representatives were as follows:

4B - Jayla

4V - Ainsley

5C - Mya

5M - Cooper

6S/G - Marli

6S - Kole

We held a virtual WES speak off to determine who would represent our school for this division wide event. Thanks to our judges, Mrs. Lynn Pullen, Mr. Brian Bethune and Mrs. Janelle Rutherford. Your feedback and involvement reminded us that it takes many people to accomplish a task of this kind. 


Our WES results:

3rd- Marli

2nd - Mya

1st- Kole 

On April 28th the BTPS speak off took place and many schools from around our division participated. Congratulations to Kole who brought home 2nd place. 

It is difficult to begin to list all the staff who helped make this a success. It took many people being flexible and helpful to see that our students enjoy an educational opportunity such as this. A special thanks to Jodi Valleau who dealt with the technical side during these virtual times.

Congratulations again to all of our students who are stretching themselves by participating in public speaking. Until next year….

Ms. S. Propp 

9th Annual Superintendent's Speaking Competition - April 28, 2021

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