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Track and Field 2021

“New-to-us” Track Meet for GRADES 4-6 

The Grades 4-6 track meet took place over two days so that we could stay in our cohort groups and stay safe.  Last year’s event was cancelled due to Covid so our students and staff were extremely excited to be able to run a modified meet this year.  The Grade 4s (morning) and 6s (afternoon) got things rolling on Tuesday June 22nd and the Grade 5s finished it off on Wednesday, June 23 at the Wainwright High School track.  Temperatures were hot and dry on Tuesday and decent with a little wind on Wednesday. Students participated in a competitive, yet all inclusive, track meet with five events at the new WHS track while the other two events took place in regular Phys. Ed. class time to adhere to cohort groups and time constraints.  The five events included two running (100 m dash, 200 m race) two jumping (long jump and high jump) and one throwing event (distance throw).  The Open Mile and the 50 m Hurdles took place during class time. We, at WES, are proud of all of our students who came out and participated in the day.  We have two success stories from the meet.  Story number 1 had a boy in Grade 4 who had earned a few ribbons decide to donate (give) one of his ribbons to a special needs student because he had been working so hard during the events.  Story number 2 had a student in Grade 5 tell the scoring table worker that he had in fact gotten 3rd and another boy who he pointed out had actually earned second place in the race.  Modeling citizenship is always about doing the right thing and not always about wins and losses.  Competition is always trumped by humanity.  Well done students!

  • Huge thanks to all who assisted with the event.
  • Teachers: Mrs. Ballas and Mrs. Valleau (Grade 4), Mrs. Chaulk and Mrs. Munn (Grade 5) Mrs. Scherbinski and Ms. Stachura (Grade 6) as well as EA support Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Halsey, Mrs. Nesbitt, Mrs. Koroluk 
  • Mr. Pullen for assisting with the running of high jump and long jump and for assisting with set up and take down.
  • Mr. Koskie and Mrs. Martens for timing the running events. 
  • Ribbons and Recording: Mrs. Boxell (Tuesday) and Mr. Nelson (Wednesday) 
  • Huge STAR SALUTE to all staff who helped out with the meet and to our secretarial staff Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Boychuk for the incredible behind the scenes job they do in getting all of the necessary paper work compiled.  Well done ladies!
  • Thank you to WHS staff for allowing us to use their facility for the two days. Partnerships in education are important and foster growth in all of our students.
  • Thank you to BTPS Maintenance staff for transporting high jump mat and equipment to the high school 
  • Thank you to Meatco Sales for donating the ice to keep our water nice and cold.




  • GOLD – Ainsley Carey 22 points 
  • SILVER – Morgan Sardoff 18 points 
  • BRONZE  – Kendall Legere 11 points 



  • GOLD –  Jack Morgan 29 points 
  • SILVER  – Mason Miller 17 points 
  • BRONZE – Gideon Valleau 15 points 



  • GOLD – Mya Case 21 points 
  • SILVER – Tessa Starkey 20 points 
  • BRONZE – Selphie Tamayo 15 points 



  • GOLD – Cade Pommier 25 points 
  • SILVER  –  Tristan Hinton 22 points 
  • BRONZE  –  Hunter Tipler 13 points 



  • GOLD – Kylie Yates 29 points 
  • SILVER –  Kiana McBride 17 points 
  • BRONZE – Emma McTaggart-Herbert 11 points 



  • GOLD – Elijah Valleau  29 points 
  • SILVER – Noah Ford  21 points 
  • BRONZE –  Hussain Mahmud  11 points


 Open Mile


  • 1st  –  Kiana McBride – Grade 6 1st  – Noah Ford  – Grade 6  
  • 2nd –  Shelby Sardoff- Grade 6 2nd – Hayden Steinborn – Grade 6 
  • 3rd  – Ainsley Carey – Grade 4 3rd  – Tristan Hinton – Grade 5 
  • 4th  - Lily Frere – Grade 4 4th – Ryan Arthur – Grade 5
  • 5th  -  Caroline Haine – Grade 4 5th – Nate Bamber – Grade 6
  • 6th   -   Emily Russell – Grade 4 6th – Kody Hunter – Grade 5
  • 7th  -   Morgan Sardoff – Grade 4 7th – Elijah Valleau – Grade 6
  • 8th –   Marli Weber – Grade 6 8th – Jack Morgan – Grade 4  


  • Open Mile top three finishers received a medal and a ribbon – 4th-8th received a ribbon. Hats off to all students who decided to run three laps around the school fence line to complete the open mile.
  • All participants who ran the Open Mile are : 
  • River Burrows - Kylie Miller - Eden Prosser 
  • Brooklyn Boyd - Lily Frere - Jayla Gosselin 
  • Scarlet Molloy - Chloe Bouchard - Ainsley Carey 
  • Emily Russell - Morgan Sardoff - Caroline Haine
  • Brooke Kuhmayer - Kate Calumag - Mya Case 
  • Kiana McBride - Rosaleigh Molloy-Ford - Tessa Starkey 
  • Bristol Green - Marli Weber - Shelby Sardoff 
  • Evelyn Wooten - Jack Morgan - Mason Miller 
  • Easton White - Phoenix Charlton - Wyatt Hinz 
  • Quenten Breaton - Blakely Chaulk - Lucas Hill
  • Blake Bjorndalen - Lenny Racette - Iain Bugg 
  • Callum Carton - Nicolai Kosy - Oliver Demeule 
  • Gideon Valleau - Nathan Whalen - Tristan Hinton
  • Ryan Arthur - Cullen Breaton - Adrien Lee 
  • Charlie Gibson - Caleb Haley - Kody Hunter
  • Cruz Wolosiak - Rafael Tanudjaja - Elijah Valleau
  • Noah Ford - Connor Lacey - Hayden Steinborn
  • Andrew Low-Oslanski - Damien Walter - Nate Bamber

  • The Open Mile Trophy was donated by Bob and Judy Marchand. We would like to acknowledge all supporters of school athletics; we truly do appreciate it.

See you in the gym and please have a safe and fun summer outside playing sports, games, swimming and honing your skills!

Mr. Mitchell

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