Grades Taught



Wainwright Elementary School is a K-6 school located in Wainwright, Alberta. Our school serves the communities of Wainwright, Denwood, and the surrounding rural areas. WES is comprised of approximately 500 children from kindergarten to grade six. Our students are served by a staff of approximately 50 caring individuals who strive to develop the whole child.

Mission, Vision, and Mantra

Our MissionVision, and Mantra was collaboratively developed with the help of our students and their families, our staff, and our School Council. Together, we committed to them and to each other.  

At WES our Mission is, “We are a safe, caring, respectful, and happy community of leaders.”

Our Vision is one where, “WES is a place where everyone is able to create their own story of hope, inclusion, and positive outcomes.”

The Mantra that we strive to exemplify is, “Together, leading by example.”

Our Programs

We offer an inclusive comprehensive program to all elementary aged children.  Our small class sizes are appreciated by students and their families and every child benefits from our specialists teachers in the area of Physical Education, Music, and Inclusive Learning.  Our focuses of literacy and numeracy have resulted in numerous successes on both standardized tests and on parent and student surveys.  

We recognize the value of developing more than the academic abilities of our kids and offer programs such as leadership roles in various areas through numerous roles, tasks, and leadership opportunities.  In our school building, we also house wonderful partners such as the Wainwright Daycare Association, Little Leaders Learning Through Play (3 year old program), and The Wainwright Playschool Association (4 year old program).   

Through our, and our partners, programs we are able to work to help children grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Afterschool Offerings

We recognize that learning can take place at all times of the day and in any location.  One way that we show the importance of making connections is through our afterschool offerings that are provided exclusively by our staff volunteers.  A large number of our kids gather with our staff after school in events such as floor hockey, touch football, and cross country running. Through such incredible programs, our kids make even more connections to each other and our staff resulting in a stronger sense of belonging and community.

WES’ Community Partnerships and School Outreach

We are an active and helpful community partner and have strong partnerships with Alberta Health Services, which provide various programming to our students.  Our Wainwright on Wellness partners provide programming to the benefit of all of our students in areas such as resilience, friendship skills, and emotional wellbeing.  The Alberta Motor Association has partnered with us to help us deliver the AMA School Safety Patrol, which helps hundreds of students arrive at and leave our school each and every day.  Our daily milk sales could not be possible without our friends with the Alberta Dairy Producers, and nothing goes with a nice, cold milk like a hot meal that is delivered to our kids through our Wainwright Elementary Parents Association (WEPA), who fundraise all year long to support many of the “extra” things that our kids enjoy.

You will often see our kids out working to make our community a better place, too!  Whether they are out singing or reading with seniors at places like the Battle River Lodge, Wainwright Extended Healthcare facility or Points West Living Wainwright, they are working to brighten other’s lives just by being themselves.  When they are not out helping make other’s days, they may also be out doing community cleanups in some of our local parks, or doing things like making greeting cards, participating in food drives for our local food bank, or fundraising for a variety of service clubs and organizations. Our WES “Stars” are not only great students - they are great citizens!

We are a “Leader in Me” School!

The Leader in Me is a school program based on Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and is designed to help kids in every aspect of their lives through personal development and leadership. Our goal in using the Leader in Me is to help kids learn that they are important and have importance as individuals, as members of our school family, and as members of our community.  Because of this, they are valued and have a role in helping make WES and our community a better place in which to live, work, and play. For more information on the Leader in Me program, check out www.leaderinme.org.