Wainwright on Wellness

Wainwright Elementary School is fortunate to have a school-based Mental Health Capacity Building Project in our school called "Wainwright on Wellness" or "WOW". 

What is WOW?

Wainwright on Wellness (WOW) is a Mental Health Capacity Building project funded by Alberta Health Services. WOW supports our students, families, and communities with their mental health and wellness through early intervention and support programming & services, prevention & promotion activities, and capacity building opportunities. Together we strengthen the child, family, school and community in all areas of health and wellness. 

Wainwright on Wellness hopes to build the capacity and potential of students, families, and staff of Wainwright Elementary School through the provision of effective, integrated, and innovative programming and services. Through the developmental and availability of awareness, positive social environments, and effective collaboration, the WOW project will create opportunities and build the capacity for healthy physical, emotional and mental development. WOW runs and assists with programming at WES such as Social and Emotional lessons for all grades, Cool Kids program with grade 2 and 4, Breakfast of Champions with the grade 4’s, Walk ‘N Talk with the grade 5’s, grade 6 Outdoor Education Wellness sessions, after school Yoga 4 Kids, a Girls Group, Pink Shirt Day Activities and so much more!  If you’d like more information about any programming or want to suggest additional programming, please contact the WOW staff at the information listed below.

Wainwright On Wellness Program